Our instructors are hand-picked for their amazing experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for the Pilates method. We take great pride in bringing the very best trainers to our clients who not only have the highest qualifications in the industry but who are constantly learning. No matter who you work with, you’ll know that they are passionate, knowledgeable, committed and eager to help you!

Our Team Reforming IndyKristen Abbott

With over 20 years experience as a dancer, Kristen began Pilates instruction with a unique advantage for training clients. With an amazing eye and understanding of how the body moves, Kristen does more than improve clients balance, flexibility and strength. She is able to work towards correcting poor posture, neuromuscular imbalances and reducing pain patterns that can severely impact people’s lives. Having studied one of Pilates’ most recognized accreditation through the Physical Mind Institute, Kristen went on to become comprehensively certified through Balanced Body and the Pilates Method Alliance. She is now a faculty member for Balanced Body and runs Reforming Indy’s education program. In 2012 Kristen spent a month in Thailand learning Ashtanga Yoga from a direct student of Pattabhi Joyce who is widely acknowledged as the guru of Ashtanga Yoga.

Kristen has evolved into a master instructor with over a decade’s experience and is always continuing to learn and evolve by attending regular courses around the United States with some of Pilates’ most well-known figures. Reforming Indy was founded in 2007 by Kristen and her husband Michael to teach Pilates the way it was intended and they have adhered to the strictest standards ever since. She is a strong believer in passing on her knowledge to her own instructors to maximize the experience for every client of Reforming Indy.

Tod Baker
Tod attended Ball State University receiving his Bachelors degree in Dance performance. He started his Pilates training in 1993 while at Ball State. He went on to dance and perform professionally for 15 years in a wide variety of venues including theme parks, Broadway tours, and Royal Caribbean® cruise line (where he would also teach the dancers Pilates.)

He received his certifications from Pilates Institute of Australia and Body Arts and Science International and is comprehensively certified. “I truly believe in the power of Pilates, it can change your life.” Tod also teaches dance here in Indy because he wants dance to always be a part of his life. Tod has been with Reforming Indy from the beginning and has proven himself to be an amazing instructor, loved by his clients!

Lisa Eppen
Having taken Pilates as a student since 1994, Lisa decided in 2008 that she needed to turn this passion into a career and has vigorously pursued all the knowledge she can find to make herself a great instructor. Lisa is Reformer certified and comprehensively certified through Balanced Body University.

Lisa’s personality and amazing energy make her a special instructor which is evident by her large client following. Also certified as a Zumba® and meditation instructor, Lisa is a valued member of our team and a very talented trainer.

Molly Corcoran
Molly graduated in 2003 from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications but in 2005 discovered her true calling in Pilates. Molly has since completed her comprehensive certification with Balance Body, in hopes that she can help other people find or achieve their personal fitness goals.

She continues her education through courses and conferences throughout the Midwest. With her knowledge, she plans to help people become stronger and to develop an awareness of their own bodies. “I truly believe in the power of Pilates because I’ve seen it transform people’s body completely!”

Ashley Gettinger
Ashley graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2005 with her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Ashley began her Pilates’ journey in 2007 when she became a private client at Reforming Indy Pilates Studio. Ashley quickly fell in love with the mind, body, and soul connection she received through practicing Pilates and it became an essential part of her wellness routine.  It was while studying to receive her Masters in Education that Ashley had the idea to combine her passion for Pilates and teaching and decided to pursue her Pilates’ certification through Balanced Body University. Ashley began instructing at Reforming Indy Pilates in June 2011 and enjoys seeing her clients improve their quality of lives through Pilates, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Ashley is comprehensively certified through Balanced Body University.

Lindsey Springer

Lindsey found Pilates in early 2007 and jumped in with both feet to become a full time certified instructor herself by 2008. Lindsey actively pursed more knowledge by examining every client issues, working with a mentor and returning to school for Kinesiology.

“I’m passionate about teaching because Pilates truly IS for every body type and with the right instructor, anyone can feel and become strong and flexible. I was a super puny kid growing up and associated being small with being weak. It took me years to overcome my own insecurities about my body. So naturally, it’s important to me that all my clients know that no matter their weaknesses or body shapes, they are strong and their bodies are amazing machines!”


Lisa Heirs

Lisa graduated from Purdue University in 2004 with a major in Communications. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, California where she first discovered Pilates. Lisa instantly fell in love with Pilates and decided to pursue her certification through Balanced Body University which she obtained. She truly enjoys helping clients achieve their goals and teaching them about the principles behind Pilates. Lisa has first-hand experience with how Pilates can improve your body, mind and soul. “Pilates can be transforming and powerful, i love helping people feel and become stronger”

Kaity Vevang
Kaity is an Indiana University alumni in pursuit of a Masters in Social Work at IUPUI [May 2013 grad] who is passionate about helping people. As a fitness lover herself, she enjoys empowering people to be more confident, healthy, & aligned with their inner athlete! A certified TRX suspension and fitness trainer, Kaity is a welcomed additional to our fitness program!


Jessica Treadway
After graduating college with a BS in Psychology Jessica moved around before settling in Indy, she began Pilates for herself in 2007 as she prepped for her wedding day, she quickly became obsessed and the seed was planted for a career change right then and there. After having two kids she wanted to make a significant change in her life, leaving the corporate world to share and teach Pilates as much as she could, making overall fitness, health, and well-being her daily priority.


Jen Tyson
Jen graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Psychology and Business Management and worked in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas before moving back home to Indiana.  She had taken Pilates in various group classes over the years, but fell in love with Pilates after she began working on the Reformer and combining the Reformer and other apparatus with her running workouts. She loves the challenging workout it provides, yet finds her Pilates practice to be a relaxing time that leaves her more energetic and ready to take care of her two young boys and three dogs at home. Jen is certified in Mat Pilates through the Physical Mind Institute and completed her Reformer certification through Balanced Body University.  She is eager to share her enthusiasm for Pilates with others to help them reach their fitness goals.


Molly Wowk
Molly first started in the health & wellness industry in 1998 as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She was first introduced to Pilates after a skiing accident that did not respond to conventional rehabilitation. After a year of rehabbing her injury as a client at the Pilates Center of Cincinnati in Ohio, she trained to become a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2000. Molly is passionate about staying fit & helping her clients learn better body awareness!
“I love the Pilates technique because it teaches more than just fitness. It is something that can be taken with you & used to improve almost every other aspect of life. Pilates is the fitness format that I ALWAYS come back to. Its fundamental principles have improved every other fitness routine that I do, from running to yoga to high intensity interval classes. For me, Pilates is home.”


Riana Schneider
Riana attended college at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Riana graduated from Purdue in August of 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Retail Management; minor in Communications. Upon completion of her degree, Riana found Reforming Indy, in which her experiences allow her to share her passion of creative business marketing, health + wellness, and yoga with the Indianapolis community! Riana completed her RYT-200 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. Her tricks of trade include (but not limited to): Our Studios Communications Manager, yoga teacher, social media guru, visual merchandising, B2C & B2B communications, sales, buying, environment + culture curator  and event planning!