TRX Private Lessons - Reforming IndyPrivate Sessions

Private lessons are the fastest way to achieve your results because they are tailored and personalized to your body, your needs and your goals. The TRX® has been effectively used in training sports specific athletes including soccer, football, basketball, golf and many more. Private sessions are the best way to focus in on what your specific requirements are.

Private sessions range from $70- $45 depending on the package.

Introductory Private Session, The best way to start…

Group Fitness Classes

We offer  range of classes that compliment the TRX program and are all available with any fitness package or membership. The TRX® suspension training classes we run, which are limited to 9 clients, are designed to build a team mentality. This encourages an atmosphere of camaraderie, competition and pure motivation. Everyone works at improving themselves, whatever level they are at, with the support and help of not just the instructor but their fellow clients as well. The team feel that we foster in these classes makes the workouts fun, social and an enjoyable break of the normal daily grind.

Single session drop in rate of $18 a class


We offer discounted class packages of 10, 25 or 50 sessions making class prices range from $16-$12. Packages are ideal for those who wish to add our classes to their current regime or those unable to keep a regular practice.



Our two membership options for fitness classes are by far the best value for money and include a range of additional advantages beyond the monthly discounted classes!

Combo Membership
For $159 a month, our Monthly Reformer/TRX Membership includes 5 Reformer classes + 5 Fitness classes.
Registration fee $74

Fitness Membership
For $99 a month, our Monthly Fitness Membership includes 10 Fitness classes.
Registration fee $49


Fitness Class Types

Body Burn

Body Burn is a high intensity bootcamp style class with a twist; although burning through as many calories and working the entire body will be the goal, a Pilates foundation will keep a strong emphasis on posture and form to avoid injury and build up the body, rather than tear it down. An ever changing set of movements to continually challenge, and therefore improve, your strength, control and balance all leads to a killer class every time!


Our Yoga is a Basic Vinyasa Yoga Flow which focuses on connecting the breath with the movements of the body. Enhance your mind+body awareness with an hour of strength, flexibility, and relaxation – the perfect balance of a challenging body practice to calm the mind.

New to Yoga? No worries, our small class size of 8 allows for extreme personal attention to your practice!

Ballet Barre
NOT to confuse with dance class! Ballet Barre Fusion will use the barre for stability & alignment to strengthen + elongate the body. The movements are designed to create long, lean, & toned muscles (like a dancer). We will tighten & lift the bum, sculpt the thighs, and shave the waistline to slenderize + shape. This class will also utilize mats, pilates rings, balls, light hand weights, and will engage muscles in a unique + amazing way. No dance experience necessary, open to all levels…burn, baby, burn.

Reforming Indy - TRX Studio

Cardio Circuit TRX
This cardio style class is a fat-burning, face paced TRX class. It is a rotational style class, structured into high intensity + resting sets intervals that break a minute down into two parts. There are several variations will be utilized during this interval class. An opportunity to experience multiple stations that provide a wide variety of combo sets & will make this class move quickly, yet have a balanced, fat-blasting, FUN workout!

Total TRX
This total TRX program focuses on the basic foundational exercises which will improve flexibility, balance, and strength in the fastest way possible. This class will challenge beginners and experienced users alike with exercise progressions and variations. This should be the basis of your TRX® training.

Cardio TRX
If calorie burning and cardiovascular improvement are your priorities then this fast paced action packed class is for you.

Toning TRX
Women will love this class as it focuses in on tightening your butt, guts, thighs and arms. If you’re looking to sculpt your body then this is a sure fire way to get there!

Toys & TRX
This class focuses on challenging the body in a variety of ways using more than just the TRX® to achieve this. Pilates balls, rings, rollers and bosu balls are just some of the “toys” the instructors will bring out!!! Great for working on balance, coordination and your mind-body connection. This class will never be the same twice.


Mat Pilates & Springboard
If you love mat and apparatus, then this is the class for you! If you have never tried any of the apparatus, this is a great class to try at a cheaper price! This class will be using the basic fundamentals and exercises in the original mat series, while adding resistance and springs! :) Got to try it!