fitness classGroup Fitness Classes

From cardio-strength style classes, to TRX®, to Mat Pilates fusion classes, to Barre; we offer a fitness class for everyone. Our classes are limited to 10 people allowing the instructor to focus on each client’s form to prevent injury and maximise results!

The small class size encourages an atmosphere of team building, camaraderie, and motivation. Classes can be modified to increase or decrease the difficulty so all ability levels are welcome at every class.

Plus, we make the classes fun!



TRX training

Private Sessions

We offer private and semi private instruction that is tailored and personalized to your body, your needs and your goals, making it the fastest way to progress. The TRX® has been effectively used in training sports specific athletes including soccer, football, basketball, golf, runners and many more which is why we base our private instruction on it.


All of our classes emphasis excellent form and mind-body control, if you are not confident in your body awareness and abilities, we suggest starting with a private session to be assessed.

Introductory Private Session, The best way to start…




Class Descritpions 

Cardio/Strength classes:

Action-Shots-final-12TRX – suspension training system
This total TRX program focuses on the basic foundational exercises which will improve flexibility, balance, and strength in the fastest way possible. This class will challenge beginners and experienced users alike with exercise progressions and variations. This should be the basis of your TRX training. If calorie burning and cardiovascular improvement are your priorities then our Cardio TRX fast paced action packed class is for you!

Body Burn – bootcamp, circuit strength training
Body Burn is a high intensity bootcamp style class with a twist; although burning through as many calories and working the entire body will be the goal, a Pilates foundation will keep a strong emphasis on posture and form to avoid injury and build up the body, rather than tear it down. An ever changing set of movements to continually challenge, and therefore improve, your strength, control and balance all leads to a killer class every time!

Tabata Tone – This class based on Dr. Izumi Tabata’s widely popular style of training this fun, fast-paced, fat-burning cardio strength class will leave you wanting more!


Low-Impact/Toning classes:

Mat Springboard – mat pilates fusion with the springboard for added resistance
If you love mat and apparatus, then this is the class for you! If you have never tried any of the apparatus, this is a great class to try at a cheaper price! This class will be using the basic fundamentals and exercises in the original mat series, while adding resistance and springs. Got to try it!

Pilates Barre Fusion – mat pilates meets ballet barre
Classical Mat Pilates fused with the best Barre to sculpt, lengthen + tone your entire body. Our  Ballet Barre style classes are taught keeping the Pilates principles in mind which reduces overuse injuries commonly found some other styles. This class also utilizes mats, pilates rings, balls, light hand weights, and will engage muscles in a unique + amazing way. The movements are designed to create long, lean, & toned muscles (like a dancer). We will tighten & lift the bum, sculpt the thighs, and shave the waistline to slenderize & shape. Open to all levels…burn, baby, burn.

Mat Pilates – traditional mat pilates
This class uses controlled movements in the form of mat exercises to strengthen and tone, improve posture, balance, and create a more streamlined shape without increasing bulk.
Not only are our Mat classes taught by highly educated and experienced instructors but we limit the class size so that individual corrections and attention is possible making this much more than your local gyms class by the same name! All levels of fitness ability welcome.